Google Analytics Premium & Real-Time Solution

Last week Google Analytics launched 2 new features;

1.       Real-time analytics

2.       Google Analytics Premium

The real-time offering is available in the new Google Analytics interface, and seen as a response to the success of ‘add-on’ analytics tools such as Chartbeat

Most interesting is the launch of Google Analytics Premium. For $150k (US) they plan to offer;

§  No restrictions or data sampling (the current free version samples data for queries dealing with over 10million calls)

§  Support and an SLA with authorised Google Analytics professionals

§  Attribution modelling (i.e. more than the ‘last click wins’ default)

It’s Google’s 1st step to competing with Omniture, Unica & Coremetrics on a ‘commercial analytics’ basis , and interesting to see if they now focus less on the ‘free version’ of Google Analytics.

Techcruch article and video here

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